Leduc-Dance-Injuries Ankle Injuries in Dancers ankle injuries dance injuries Leduc marta diduch physiotherapy professional dancer stress fractures

Ankle Injuries in Dancers

Dancing injuries most commonly affect the lower body. Examples of these injuries are stress fractures, ankle sprains and tendon injuries. Although these are common dance injuries they can occur in...

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squat Full Squats? We say YES ! exercise Leduc leducphysio physiotherapy squat

Full Squats? We say YES !

Many people have questions, concerns, or even disbelief that squats and full squatting is a good idea for strengthening and flexibility in the lower body. The full squat position is...

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thumbnail-2 Our New Year's Resolutions leduc physio new years resolutions

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Who doesn’t like making New Year’s resolutions? The new year brings us all the opportunity to start fresh, work towards a long-neglected project and create positive change in our lives....

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