Resolve Your Heel Pain Today

  Do you (or someone you know) have heel pain that isn’t going away? Maybe you’ve tried everything: acupuncture, massage, even physiotherapy; the heel pain is still persistent. You may...

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foot_image-blank 4 Key Reasons for Orthotics feet leduc physio orthotics pain physiotherapy podiatry the orthotic group

4 Key Reasons for Orthotics

 Your feet are the foundation for the rest of your body.  They do support your entire body weight so taking care of them and making sure they are properly supported...

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onion-rootofpain Get to the Root of Your Pain chronic pain detective nerves pain physiotherapy uncover

Get to the Root of Your Pain

How to Know if Your Healthcare Provider is a True Pain Detective by Tenielle MaGee, Physiotherapist at Leduc City Centre Physiotherapy Nobody Likes Pain We don’t like pain, period. And...

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jay-dyck Uncover Your Pain ! FMS functional movement leducphysio pain physiotherapy

Uncover Your Pain !

Do you tend to get the same injury over and over?  Are you always achey in the same joints after playing [fill in the blank]? Do you find that you...

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