Our New Year’s Resolutions

Who doesn’t like making New Year’s resolutions? The new year brings us all the opportunity to start fresh, work towards a long-neglected project and create positive change in our lives.
This year you’re not alone in your resolutions! You might be interested to know that many of our staff members have been working on some of their own!

Dayna Wants to Save More Money

Dayna, one of our physiotherapy assistants wants to save more money in 2016 – a goal we can all relate to. In fact, according to a recent online survey, saving money is one of the most commondayna New Year’s Resolutions of 2016.

To help Dayna and anyone working towards the same goal this year, I did a little homework and I found these really easy and creative ways to save:

  1. 1. Take shorter and colder showers to reduce water and energy bills
  2. 2. Take advantage of free fitness classes and avoid those pricey monthly gym memberships
  3. 3. Cut down on the tab of your next girls’ night out by finding happy hour drink and food specials!
  4. 4. Indulge in daytime movies and score matinee ticket prices
  5. 5. Cut down on energy bills by hanging up more laundry to air dry

For more creative money saving tips check out the complete list HERE!


Ingrid Wants to Push the Envelope

thumbnail-2Another physiotherapist with a resolution for the new year is Ingrid. Who knew that Ingrid was such a thrill seeker! In 2016, she wants to travel and challenge her fears by doing a crazy zip-line. I personally have never tried it, but if it’s anything like this video, I think she’d better start mentally preparing now…




Morgan Wants More Quality Time


Morgan, our resident kinesiologist, kept her resolution pretty simple. In the new year, she wants to make more quality time for friends and family. Our family and friends are often our biggest IMG_8326support system. They’re there through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, and it’s really easy to lose sight of that. The new year is a great time to reset what’s most important in your life. Great resolution Morgan!




Tenielle MaGeeI Want to Catch More Zzz’s

As for myself, my resolution for 2016 is simple: Do less and sleep more.

2015 was a crazy year and I can’t believe how fast it went by. Juggling family and work commitments kept me busy but luckily I still managed to sneak away to play some golf in Arizona. Of course having an amazing team like we do here at Leduc Physio makes it all possible.




I wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2016. Let’s make it the best year yet!

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Tenielle MaGee