All About Knee Braces

Braces aren’t just for the athletes of the world, they can alleviate pain and pressure on osteoarthritic joints, maintain proper bone alignment during walking or running, and provide support to previously injured joints.

There are many different kinds of knee braces, which makes choosing the right one difficult.
Leduc Physio offers a few options for knee bracing at different prices. Each brace has a different goal/purpose and some can be customized!

Non-Custom Bracing Options

Hinged Performer

The Hinged Performer brace is the most cost effective option for knee bracing. Used to stabilize the patella and provide side-to-side support for the joint.
For individuals with mild/moderate knee instability, support for ACL or PCL strain, compression for osteoarthritis, and correcting poor patello-femoral tracking. This brace should not be used to prevent injury, it provides only mild to moderate support for existing injuries.

Cost: $ 70.00

Webtech Compex

The Webtech brace can decrease knee pain and increase function to keep you moving pain-free in your active lifestyle. The elastomeric web absorbs shock, disperses energy, and shifts pain away from your knee. It is very slim and has an open back to increase air flow.
This brace has limited side-to-side support, helps with patellar tracking, and decreases knee pain during movement. If you have knee pain while walking, running, playing non-contact sports, or for daily use at work this is a great brace.

Cost: $88.00


The Renegade is the closest thing to a custom knee brace without the price tag.  Made to support moderate to severe knee instabilities, ACL injuries and reconstructions, MCL/LCL instabilities. IT prevents hyper-extension and reinjury. The rigid frame provides maximum stability and strength to the knee joint.
This brace is built for demanding sports or activities (with no contact) such as court sports, water sports, mountain biking, or surfing.

Cost: $840.00

Custom Bracing Options

Defiance III

The Defiance III brace is a fully custom brace intended for high-collision activities or contact sports. The Defiance III brace is the gold-standard for knee bracing. Built with a lightweight carbon fiber frame, it has a lifetime warranty on the frame and hinges. Color customization too!
Recommended for individuals experiencing knee hyper-extension, moderate to severe ACL or PCL instability, and ACL or PCL reconstruction.
The Defiance III brace is used in high-impact sports such as: rodeo sports, motocross, downhill ski racing, football, and rugby.
It can be worn in the water as all straps/pads are removable for washing.

Cost: $1470.00


The A22 brace was created for ACL instabilities (pre- and post-surgery) and preventing hyper-extension of the knee. Not made for contact/collision sports. Frame is titanium, an extremely light and extremely strong metal. Braces have a 5 year warranty.
If you do trail or road running, play court sports, golf, compete in track, dance/gymnastics, or any water sports; this brace provides optimal support.

Cost: $1470.00

Defiance OA 

The best of the DonJoy knee braces for osteo-arthritis (OA). Designed for individuals suffering with OA who want to stay active.
This brace is extremely lightweight and provides  support for moderate to severe levels of osteoarthritis. Hinge bars offer support for ligament instabilities, and offload pressure in the knee.
Braces are custom fit, they have a lifetime warranty, and you can pick your color!

Cost: $1470.00

Do you need a brace?

If you have instabilities/injuries to the knee joint or persistent knee pain, you could potentially avoid a brace by strengthening your knees. If you are unsure how to do this give Leduc Physio a call, or book an appointment online with a physiotherapist or kinesiologist.
If strengthening does not improve knee stability and/or pain is still present,  bracing can support the joint and provide pain relief.

For individuals with painful osteoarthritis, a brace provides relief by offloading the knee joint so you can get back to your active lifestyle.

Braces are also useful if you have had a recent reconstruction, to prevent injury while you strengthen and recover.

If you have any other questions about braces, you can talk to kinesiologists; Hailey Hutzul or Morgan Specht. If you have extended health benefits or a doctors prescription you can book an appointment with them HERE.