Ask A Physiotherapist : Why Do My Knees Hurt When I Go Down The Stairs?

If you are experiencing pain in the front of your knee when you go down the stairs, you are most likely suffering from patellofemoral pain syndrome. What does that big fancy word mean?  It means is that you have inflammation under your knee cap.

The big question is WHY?

Most of the time , this inflammation is due to an imbalance of the muscles surrounding the knee. This imbalance causes an increase of pressure and rubbing under the knee cap.

How is it diagnosed?

Your physical therapist will take a history of your complaints, and perform a physical examination to determine if you are having patellofemoral pain. Xrays or other tests are not necessary to confirm this diagnosis.


What Can I Do?

Luckily, this condition is easily treated with conservative measures. Your physical therapist will start you with a series of exercises to stretch and strengthen the legs. If you have a “flat foot” then orthotics may be prescribed to you. Also, kinesiotape can be used to help keep the knee in good alignment while you work on strengthening the hip and knee. If you are having pain while performing sports, often the DonJoy Reaction Web Brace is recommended to be worn during sport. Good news, we have these in stock!









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