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If you need help thinking of topics, here are some of the services we offer at Leduc Physio:
Massage Therapy
-Pelvic Healthy Physiotherapy
-Intra-muscular Stimulation (IMS) 
-Exercise Therapy 
-Bracing (custom or non) 
-Orthotics (custom or non)

-Compression Socks/Stockings
-TENS/Stim machines
-Heat/Cold Therapy

If you are having pain, mobility issues, or are suffering from an injury and would like some immediate information please call our front desk at (780) 980-5443. We are always happy to answer any questions, and connect you with one of our amazing physiotherapists, massage therapists, or kinesiologist!

You can also email Leduc Physio your questions HERE.

Let the questions commence! Please be patient as we are answering many questions.
Thank you and GOOD LUCK!