As an industry leader, Leduc Physio isn't your ordinary rehabilitative company. We set ourselves apart by rolling out the red carpet for every patient, every day. We employ the brightest individuals to achieve our mission. We are currently seeking candidates to join our every growing team.  We invite you to browse our openings and apply online today!

About Leduc Physio:

Leduc Physio is committed to providing high quality physical therapy, massage therapy, and exercise therapy services in a beautiful state-of-the-art facility.
As a healthcare leader, we partner with groups and events within the communities we serve. Our focus on our therapist continuing education is unmatched and guarantees our therapists understand and put into practice cutting-edge treatments and rehabilitation techniques available for all types of injuries and conditions.

Core Values :

1. We are client centered
2. We encourage teamwork
3. We are honest and have integrity
4. We care about helping others
5. We are accountable and reliable

Current Openings:


  • Graduated from an Accredited University, Congratulations! 
  • Are passionate about learning, no matter where you are in your career.  
  • Get energized from solving problems. You may have even solved a rubix cube or two… 
  • Want to work in direct patient care and like to mix up your caseload. 
  • Prefer to work in a team environment where you can bounce ideas off colleagues in a safe environment 
  • Don’t have to live in Leduc, in fact most of us enjoy the short commute 
  • Prefer the small-town community feeling, where you really get to know the families, you have the pleasure of working with. 
  • Want a manager who is easy to talk to and communicates well 
  • Want a work / life balance and do not like to be hassled about taking time off 
  • Like to celebrate! Holidays, Oilers games, National Pet Day…  
  • Mac Or PC? We don’t care, just as long as you know how to use it 
  • Have an affinity for the outdoors 
  • Have wanted to correct someone on their improper grammar use . ( their, they’re, there) 
  • Have friends who say your honest, good natured, and they can count on you 
  • Have mentors who describe you as reliable, professional, and ethical 


  • Are celebrating our 20th year of business and love Leduc and the small-town feeling. 
  • Have owners who spend a lot of time volunteering in the community, engaging with other businesses and supporting local sports 
  • Also have owners who are pretty cool about mentorship. With a combined 35 years of experience, we still love working in direct patient care. 
  • Have an overwhelming love for dogs 
  • Get really excited about helping others 
  • Get even more excited about vacations  
  • Think there is magic in seeing our clients get closer to their goals, no matter how small 
  • Have supportive manages who love to communicate 
  • Support your mental health and wellness, burnout is not cool. 
  • Love a strong cover letter, it’s perfectly fine to brag about yourself 
  • Are ok with you stalking us at @leducphysio on Instagram and Facebook before your interview 

We are currrently not hiring for this position.


We are currently not hiring for this position

We are currently not hiring for this position