Rattan Massage at Leduc Physio

Rattan massage uses bamboo stalks of different lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue myofascial release. This specialize type of massage therapy promotes circulation, increases sensory nerve perception, and improves lymphatic...

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Lisa-1-e1516068129158 Lisa's Lie 2 truths 1 lie for fun leduc physio our staff staff

Lisa’s Lie

  is #3! Lisa has never been skydiving. She says she may try it one day! Lisa likes to: Lisa is our office administrator, she takes care of all the...

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Jay-1-e1516067863151 Jay's Lie 2 truths 1 lie fun jay dyck leduc physio staff

Jay’s Lie

Jays lie is #2! He doesn't own a cat.  Jay actually doesn't have any pets. He busy at home with his son Ethan, and daughter, NAME. Jay is one of...

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Stephanie-1-e1516067770244 Stephanie Lied! 2 truths 1 lie fun leduc physio staff Stephanie Devries

Stephanie Lied!

Stephanie only has 2 cats, she lied about #3! Stephanie is one of our staff members at Leduc Physio. She works assisting the physiotherapists at the back as well as...

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