Stephanie-1-e1516067770244 Stephanie Lied! 2 truths 1 lie fun leduc physio staff Stephanie Devries

Stephanie Lied!

Stephanie only has 2 cats, she lied about #3! Stephanie is one of our staff members at Leduc Physio. She works assisting the physiotherapists at the back as well as...

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Pam-1-e1516067653125 Pam Lied! 2 truths 1 lie fun leduc physio pam fouillard staff

Pam Lied!

Pam lied about #1! She isn't quite fluent in Spanish! She has been busy taking extra Spanish language classes though! Ask her to say a few words and phrases next...

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Kelly-1-e1516067402192 Kelly Lied! 2 truths 1 lie fun Kelly Creaser leduc physio staff

Kelly Lied!

#1 is Kelly's lie! She doesn't drive a hummer!! Kelly owns a GMC truck, but also likes to drive her husband's bright blue jeep! Kelly is one of the registered...

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Jason-1-e1516067216357 Jason's Lie 2 truths 1 lie fun Jason MaGee leduc physio staff

Jason’s Lie

If you didn't guess already, Jason's lie is #3! Jason is not a fan of cheese, which keeps pizza pretty low on his "favorites" list. Some of his favorite foods...

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