Charlette-1-e1516067000253 Charlette's Lie! 2 truths 1 lie Charlette Tosczak fun leduc physio staff

Charlette’s Lie!

Charlette's lie was #2! She is naturally blonde, but tries fun new hair colors regularly! Charlette is always busy at Leduc Physio; from helping you book at the reception desk,...

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Get a FREE consultation and our monthly discount on ANY DonJoy brace! Custom and non-custom knee braces can be used to support and stabilize an acute injury or damage to...

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Morgan-1-e1516066513782 Morgan Lied! 2 truths 1 lie fun leduc physio morgan specht staff

Morgan Lied!

Did you guess right last month? Morgan's lie was #2! Morgan has never been to Portugal or Spain, but they are high on her travel list! Other places she would...

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Jena-1-e1516066331896 Jena's Lie 2 truths 1 lie for fun jena beckett staff

Jena’s Lie

Nearly everyone guessed Jena's lie this past month! Great Job! Jena's lie is #3, she actually attended Dalhousie University in Halifax! Jena has been a physiotherapist at Leduc Physio since...

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Candice-1-e1516066405735 Candice Lied! 2 truths 1 lie Candice Fryk fun just for fun receptionist staff support staff

Candice Lied!

Great job guessing Candice's lie in February! Candice is actually 5'11! When she isn't at Leduc Physio, she is playing with her new puppy, Oscar, or helping out at dreamESCAPE...

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Bailey-1-e1516066442618 Bailey's Lie 2 truths 1 lie Bailey Vostad fun staff starbucks

Bailey’s Lie

Follow our social media feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, or Pinterest to learn more about our contests, interactive posts, videos, or our awesome staff! In January, Leduc Physio...

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