Leduc-Physio-_-15-5 Group Exercise Therapy aching arthritis back pain City of Leduc cost effective custom exercise exercise therapy fitness form group program kinesiology Leduc Leduc County leducphysio mobility osteoarthritis osteoporosis pain poor posture program small group sore strength therapy

Group Exercise Therapy

Leduc Physio offers SMALL GROUP EXERCISE PROGRAMS! Our kinesiologists, Hailey Hutzul and Morgan Specht will be leading Full Body Strengthening Programs for groups of 4-6. Each program can be tailored to...

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Post-Titles-8 We Love Leduc! 15 years city City of Leduc community fitness health home leduc physio network options small business support why we love Leduc

We Love Leduc!

  Leduc Physio loves being a part of the Leduc community! We celebrated our 15 year anniversary in Leduc this year surrounded by our awesome friends and clients! We would...

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November-K-Tape November Special aching athletes blood flow fitness health injury k-tape kinesiology kinesiology tape Ktape lymphatic drainage muscle pain pattern physiotherapy posture proprioception sports swelling tape taping

November Special

  K-Tape is 10% off  in November! It makes a great little gift (or maybe stocking stuffer) for athletes, anyone struggling with poor posture, or experiencing pain! Here is a...

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Functional-Capacity-Evaluations Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) activities daily living functional capacity evaluation injury leduc physio long term disability MVA injury personal injury lawyer physical job demands return to work planning service short term disability WCB work injury

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

  Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are a detailed assessment of a persons physical and behavioral functioning to determine their ability to meet target job or living demands. This exam looks...

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SPORT-CONDITIONING-FOR Sport Conditioning for Speed and Power athletics plyometrics power speed sport conditioning

Sport Conditioning for Speed and Power

The winning edge in team sports often comes down to conditioning. Many athletes prepare months ahead of time for the upcoming season. Sports such as ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and...

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