Do you know what Myofascial Cupping and Intra-Oral Massage are?

May has arrived! This month Leduc Physio would like to introduce our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT), Pam Fouillard and Kelly Hunter. They are both happy to be working in our NEW SPACE, and will share a little information about Intra-oral massage and Myofascial cupping.


Pam Fouillard

 Pam Fouillard is a RMT here at Leduc Physio.  She graduated from Grant MacEwan in 1998.  Pam is certified in  Level 1 intra-oral temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) massage, Level 1 Myofascial Cupping and is in the process of acquiring her Hot Stone Deep Tissue Certificate.  

She is a dog lover – her dog also has her own Instagram account, and an adventure lover – Pam has been bungee jumping, sky diving and has traveled to Tanzania on an African Safari!

Pam likes working at Leduc Physio because it is an amazing place to work, it has an amazing family feel to it and the staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly.   She says “even though Leduc is a city it still has a small town feel to it, where it seems everyone knows each other or has some sort of connection to one another.”

 Pam describes her job as an RMT is the perfect fit for her, because she loves people and helping them to feel better.  “Nothing makes my day more than when a client tells me how amazing they are feeling or the improvement that they have been experiencing.”

Intra oral massage is just that.  Pam massages the muscles surrounding the TMJ intra-orally (in the mouth).  These muscles are not commonly massaged and therefore are often tight and sore from every-day use, teeth grinding, or misaligned biting.  TMJ massage can address pain and tightness, headaches and clicking/popping in the TMJ allowing the client to feel relief. Pam encourages clients to learn which muscles are affected so that they can carry massaging these areas at home to keep them pain-free.  A TMJ massage can be booked for a 30 minute time slot. Some of her current patients have seen relief and changes within a few sessions. 

Whether it is TMJ, cupping, hot stone, therapeutic or relaxation, Pam would love to see you!


Kelly Hunter

Kelly is a registered massage therapist (RMT) at Leduc Physio, she graduated from the 2200-hour Massage Therapy Program at Grant MacEwan University in 2014. Kelly is certified in pregnancy, sports, children and infant massage, as well as  deep tissue and relaxation massage. Kelly has been certified in myofascial cupping, and recently took her hot stone massage course.

Something that you may not know about Kelly is that she loves to cook. She enjoy exploring new recipes and
flavors and watching cooking shows on t.v.  Another fun fact about her is that she is a winter sports enthusiast. Kelly grew up racing downhill for Rabbit Hill Ski Club and, as an adult she has a new-found passion for hockey! She currently plays for the Calmar Pylons and cheers for the Oilers.

Kelly enjoys working at Leduc Physio because the atmosphere is very positive and professional. She says; “my co-workers are knowledgable and hard-working which makes me want to excel in my work”. Kelly grew up in Leduc and she like being a part of business in Leduc because she feels at home here.

She became interested in working as an RMT because fitness and human biology has always intrigued her. Kelly is motivated to continue working as an RMT because she has endless possibilities for education and specialization in different areas and techniques of massage.

Myofacial cupping provides a soft tissue release using a pump which gently pulls the muscle and connective tissue away from the bone, rather than pushing it down.  Cupping is used to treat muscle tension, pain, to release scar tissue and to increase circulation. It is possible to present marks for 3 days up to a week, which is one way that it differs from traditional cupping therapy, where they may last multiple weeks. Traditional cupping is placed strategically along meridian pathways, where as soft tissue release is the main goal of myofascial cupping. There is no cutting of the skin or bleeding in myofascial cupping.

Myofascial cupping would be recommended for patients experiencing chronic tension, an injury, or have scar tissue that needs release. Some specific conditions which can benefit from cupping are: plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow or a frozen shoulder.

You can try myofascial cupping for any length of massage, just book online as a myofascial cupping massage or request it at the front desk when booking your next appointment!



We are always happy to have new faces in the clinic. If you would like to try myofascial cupping or are experiencing jaw pain, book a massage with our awesome massage therapists today!