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Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomics are important for your posture, comfort, and productivity.

Random-Social-Media-Design-55-300x300 Office Ergonomics ergonomics home home desk home office home work office office home poor desk posture posture work from home working at home You may be one of many people joining the workingfromhome community or working at a desk all day. If your office situation currently includes typing from the living room couch, a new office space, or just an uncomfortable desk space, your body may begin to complain, experience injury, headaches, and reduced efficiency.

This is where ergonomics comes in. Ergonomics studies how people position their body and interact with the environment when working. If a person is not using good posture and ergonomic principles when working, pain and injury can result.

Leduc Physio is offering our expertise to help design your workspace to be less {physically} stressful and more ergonomically correct.
Connect with our professionals VIRTUALLY to learn proper office arrangements to prevent muscular strain, improve posture, manage pain, and increase your efficiency.


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If home office pains have already started, check out a quick 10-minute stretch routine for your neck and upper back HERE.

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