Injury-free Hockey



Hockey season is upon us in the Leduc community!

Conditioning camps turn into tryouts which lead to a full schedule of practices, games, tournaments, fundraisers, and sometimes… injuries.
Injuries often require time off to heal, but you can prepare for an intense hockey season this year and avoid missing any ice-time. Leduc Physio is always happy to help keep you moving and playing your best.. Everything from functional movement and concussion screening, to physiotherapy and IMS, to massage therapy and NormaTec Recovery system at Leduc Physio will keep you at peak performance.


#1) Baseline Testing

Baseline testing sets up a platform for your season; it allows you to see how well (or poorly) your body moves, starting points for strength and flexibility, and effects of past concussions or pre-concussion measures.

A selective functional movement assessment (SFMA) is a movement-based diagnostic system, which assess 7 fundamental movement patterns. The assessment identifies dysfunctional patterns and the therapist diagnoses the root causes as a mobility problem or a stability/motor control problem.  The physiotherapist will then work with you to correct these issues with a combination of strengthening and stretching to ensure you have full mobility and strength for your season.

Book your SFMA with physiotherapists Jay Dyck, Kim Hillier, or Cindy Freyne. 

Concussion testing is important for contact sports like hockey to ensure no damage to the head, neck or brain has occurred. Leduc Physio uses a number of tests for cognitive and physical abilities to determine function, then testing can be repeated if a collision or incident occurs to determine if a concussion has occurred and how severe it is. Leduc Physio does team testing for a discounted price, but individual testing is always available.



If you have been recently injured, want to check up on some existing injuries, or are experiencing new aches and pains while on the ice, it’s time to book an appointment with a physiotherapist (no doctor prescription needed).
Physiotherapists can determine the severity of a new injury, and they know how to get you back to playing quickly and safely. Therapists schedule regular appointments to make sure muscles and bones are healing correctly without complications, while ensuring you maintain strength and mobility throughout.
Because hockey is a contact sport, past injuries drastically increase your risk of re-injury to that site. If you notice pain or instabilities, a physiotherapist can create a custom program to prevent re-injury by strengthening for muscular support, increasing range of motion with stretching, and treating your pain. Physiotherapists may use a variety of techniques to treat your pain and discomfort; with any combination of IMS or dry needling, acupuncture, manual therapy, manipulations, shockwave, traction, ultrasound, NMES, TENS, IFC, and heat/cold modalities.

If ligaments and tissues are torn, joints can remain unstable at which point bracing becomes an option for preventing re-injury, or preventing new injuries. Leduc Physio carries a variety of custom and prefabricated braces strong enough for NHL level players, at a range of price points.
Check them out HERE.


#3) Maintenence

Lastly (but most important!), MAINTENENCE!
If you haven’t been injured, or have exceeded your physio’s exercise plan and are feeling great… it’s time to keep your body feeling that way! Games can be hard on muscles and ligaments which means achy sore muscles in the days following. Massage therapy is a great way to combat muscle tension and aching in joints. Leduc Physio currently has 2 massage therapists, but will soon have 4 in the beginning of 2018! All of our massage therapists are certified in hot stone, myofascial cupping, therapeutic massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, and relaxation massage.

Book your massage appointment now.

If massage therapy isn’t for you but you are still looking for a competitive edge, the NormaTec Pulse Recovery system will get you there. It uses compressed air to massage your legs which increases circulation, mobilizes fluid, decreases swelling, and speeds muscle recovery. The system uses a massage pattern similar to the kneading and stroking done by a massage therapist and it keeps your legs feeling great! Leduc Physio offers a 10 session punch pass for only $85! Get yours NOW!

Play hard and see Leduc Physio to recover faster!