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Are You Covered? Custom Orthotics at Leduc Physio

Follow the steps below to check if custom orthotics can be covered by your extended health benefits.

Step #1

Contact your insurance company and provide them the document below to check your coverage for custom orthotic devices.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Orthotic Insurance Info Sheet”]


Step #2

Visit a doctor. Your insurance company may require a doctors prescription with diagnosis for custom orthotics to process your claim.

This does NOT have to be your family doctor.


Step #3

If you are not already scheduled for an orthotic assessment at Leduc Physio, book one now.

Call (780) 980-5443 or Book online HERE.


Step #4

Order your custom orthotics. Once your orthotic assessment is complete, it’s time to order! A 50% deposit of $212.50, or full payment of $425.00 is required at this appointment.

The orthotics will arrive at Leduc Physio in 3 weeks, and you will receive a call to pick them up.


Step #5

Pick-up your custom orthotics. If you made a 50% deposit during your assessment, you will be required to pay the remaining $212.50 at pick-up.


Step #6

Submit your orthotic claim to your extended health benefits company.
Be sure to include:

      • Receipt
      • Proof of Manufacturing Sheet
      • Gaitscan Printout
      • Doctors Prescription
      • Provided Preauthorization Letter from Leduc Physio


All custom orthotics are final sale.
Unless you are an RCMP officer, Leduc Physio is unable to direct bill your custom orthotic purchase.