Introducing Our New Massage Therapist Pam Fouillard

Welcome to the team, Pam Fouillard!

At Leduc Physiotherapy, we believe in hiring only the best; the kind of people who love to serve you, remember your name long after you’re out the door, and give you the best and most relaxing experience possible. We are excited to welcome our new Massage Therapist, Pam Fouillard, to the team! We wanted everyone to get to know Pam a little better, so we sat down and asked Pam a few questions.


Pam Fouillard1. You are new to the clinic, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Thorsby, AB, and currently live there with my family on a limousine cattle farm.  After graduating from high school in Thorsby, I went to MacEwan University for massage therapy, and completed the program in 1998.  Besides massage therapy, I’ve also taken Cranial-Sacral Level 1 and Myofascial Cupping Level 1 courses.


2. What made you want to get into massage therapy?

I always say it’s because God blessed me with huge hands, allowing me to give great massages! But aside from having huge hands, I have always been a people person and a firm believer in the healing power of touch, making massage therapy the perfect career for me.


3. What are some of the benefits of massage therapy?

There are so many benefits to having regular massages, depending on the client.  Massage can benefit those who just need an hour out of their busy schedules to relax and unwind. As well, massage can help those who are looking for relief from various aches and pains by working the muscles and increasing circulation. In general, we often put our bodies through the paces and massage is a great way to give our bodies some much-needed TLC and help maintain our health.


4. What are some of the techniques/methods that you use in your practice as a massage therapist?

I adjust my treatment techniques based on each patient’s individual needs. I tend to use deep pressure as I find it can be very effective for targeting tricky myofascial and muscle tightness and pain. As well, I often use long strokes to help improve blood flow and to help my clients achieve a greater degree of relaxation during their massage.


5. What are the benefits of therapeutic cupping? What are some conditions that you find respond well to cupping?

I was amazed to hear of all the benefits cupping offers! It increases circulation, breaks up adhesions and can help at a deeper level than I can, and with much less effort. I have used cupping on my husband for a constant, achy, dull pain in his arm and he says that his pain has gone away after cupping.


6. What do you like most about being a massage therapist?

I enjoy having the opportunity to connect with people as a massage therapist. I think being personable and knowing my clients by more than just their aches and pains is a very important quality to have as a therapist.  I consider myself both a good listener and a good therapist, a combination that I believe is key and can work wonders for my clients!


7. What do you like to do in your spare time, outside of work? Are you involved in any other community group/volunteer organization, and such?

I love adventure and will try anything.  I keep pretty busy with my children and their sports.  I’m not currently involved in any groups, however, in the past, I have been a manager of hockey teams, ref coordinator for soccer, and spoken at outreach schools for young moms – as I was one.