Know Your Benefits – Keep More Money In Your Pocket

In order to keep more money in your pocket, it is important to check with your extended health benefits before your first physical therapy appointment.

Questions to ask your insurance company:

  1. Does your insurance require a doctor’s note? This is important because physical therapy is direct access in Alberta, so you only need a doctor’s note if your insurance requires it. Often our other services such as massage therapy, orthotics, custom knee braces, TENS machines, or compression stockings WILL require a doctor’s note.
  2. Do you have a deductable?  This is important because you may be required to pay up front until the deductable is met. After this point, our office should be able to help direct bill the rest of your treatments. Plans without a deductable are eligible to start direct billing immediately.
  3. What is your treatment maximum? You should know what you company will pay per treatment. ASEBP plans , for example, will cover $50.00 per visit, and the rest is paid out of pocket.  If you have secondary insurance, you can then submit the remainder of the patient portion to the secondary provider.
  4. Which plan is the primary insurance?  Our office is only able to direct bill for the primary plan. All secondary plans are required to pay and submit.
  5. What is your yearly maximum?  This is important to know, as it will help to direct your treatment plan. It is important to try and spread your appointments out to allow for full recovery of the injury without running out of benefits too soon.
  6. When does your plan renew?  Did you know that only a few plans actually renew on January 1st? Make sure you are aware of your renewal date, so we can maximize your coverage.

We have prearranged direct billing for several benefit plans including:

  • Great West Life
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Sunlife
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Standard Life
  • Alberta School Employee Benefits Plan ( ASEBP)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • RCMP


More questions?Contact Lisa at our office 780-980-5443 and she will be happy to help answer your questions.