Lap-free Pool Workout

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Get a great workout this summer at your local pool!

As the outdoor pool in Leduc boasts; pools are an oasis on summer days. While you and your family play in the water don’t miss an opportunity to burn some calories, no laps required! Water exercises are a great low impact workout for your joints, and strengthen effectively with the resistance of the water.

Here are some easy pool exercises to add to your workouts this summer.
Try to do as many reps as possible in 30 sec. or 1 min. Give a good effort; try to maintain a steady pace for the entire time!


Pool Edge Bicycle: Start with your elbows on pool edge behind you, lift legs up off the pool floor and begin a pedaling motion with the feet (straight out ahead of you). Complete large circles with feet, pulling knees to chest, and pushing feet out until legs are straight.

bicycle pool edge


Noodle Crunch: With a pool noodle for support behind back and under armpits, lift legs up straight in front of you and near to the surface of the water. Pull both knees towards chest (as close as possible) then return to an extended floating seated position!Pool noodle crunch


Leg Swing: Stand in the pool and hang onto the edge at an arms length. Stand on one foot for support, and swing the other from side to side as wide as you can in the water.

pendulum pool

Spider-man: Stand in the pool facing the pool wall. Use your hands to keep your head above water as you quickly run your feet up and down on the pool wall.

spiderman pool


Squat Jump: Stand in waist-deep water, with feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed forward. Lower your body by sticking out your bum, and bending the knees then quickly push off the bottom of the pool and try to jump up as high as you can out of the water. Repeat

squat jumps pool


X-country Skiiers: Standing in chest-deep water, get into a long-step stance. Quickly switch feet from front to back before returning to the pool bottom. Switch feet back and forth quickly for 1 minute, using arms to keep your balance in the water.

xcountry ski pool


Pushups: In the deep end of the pool, hang onto the edge of the pool and let your body hang vertically in the water. Without using your legs to kick yourself up, push your body up above the edge of the pool. Then slowly lower back down into the water.

pool push up


Double Leg Lift: In the deep end of the pool hang onto the edge behind your back with arms out to the side. Let legs dangle vertically against the pool wall behind you. Quickly, and with straight legs contract the core and pull the toes up the surface of the water, then pull with the glutes and back to return to a straight-body position.

double leg lift pool



If you don’t like any of these, try jogging through the water…. it’s harder than it sounds! water jog pool


If you are a local and already have an LRC membership, you are already covered for the Alexandra Outdoor Pool! Check it out this summer and catch some rays while you workout in the pool!

Happy Splashing!

Thanks to Charlotte Hilton Andersen for the photos!