Kailie Carlton; Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Leduc Physio would like to welcome Kailie Carlton to our team, all of us are excited to be working with you and happy to be bringing a pelvic health professional to the Leduc area!
We spent some time with Kailie talking about what pelvic health physiotherapy is and why it is important for your health.


Leduc Physio (LP): Can you tell us a little about yourself and your education Kailie?

Kailie Carlton(KA): I grew up in Rimbey, Alberta and have lived in the Edmonton area since 201o. I like to fish, golf, and hang out with my bulldog “Cheeks”. I am a big Oilers fan and have a rabbit named Hoppy. I attended the University of Alberta and convocated in 2015 with a Masters of Physical Therapy in addition to my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Since that I have completed my Level 1 and 2 Pelvic Health Certificates from Pelvic Health Solutions.


LP: What made you decide to specialize in pelvic health, and why is it so important?

KA: It chose me really; at my previous workplace my co-worker (who is a pelvic health physiotherapist) went on maternity leave and I had a chance to fill in for her position. It became a passion soon after.


LP:What conditions can you treat with pelvic health?

KA: I have been trained to treat both men and women for a variety of different conditions. Men are mostly treated pre- and post-operatively (prostatectomy), for bladder cancer, pelvic pain and incontinence. Women can be treated pre- and post-operateively for any pelvic area surgery, incontenence, hysterectomies, stress incontinence, urgency/frequency issues, pelvic pain, prenatal and postnatal pain concerns. I can also provide prenatal baseline assessments for pregnant mothers.

Here are some of the conditions pelvic health physiotherapy can help you with:

-Chronic Constipation
-Overactive bladder
-Sexual Pain
-Post prostatectomy problems
-Abdominal Pain
-Urinary Incontinence
-Pelvic Organ Prolapse
-Pelvic Pain
-Post-pelvic Surgery
-Pre-natal and Post-partum Care


LP:What should the patient expect on the first session? What should a patient bring to the first session?

KA: For the first session; expect a comprehensive history so I can understand your condition, a physical assessment (which may or may not include internal palpation [men and women]), and primary recommendations [treatment plans discussed, may or may not include an exercise program]. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring any doctor’s referrals and any medical imaging reports.


LP: How many sessions do most conditions take?

KA: Treatments vary depending on conditions. If i had to choose an average, I would say between 4-8 sessions spread out over a few months.


LP:What are the advantages of pelvic health physiotherapy?

KA: The largest reason for pelvic health physiotherapy is to improve quality of life. To remove the fear of sneezing, moving, and participating in everyday activities. Getting treatment means returning to normal activity without having to plan a bathroom route or be in constant pain/discomfort.


LP: Can you de-bunk some myths about pelvic health physiotherapy?

KA: I think the myths are more about the pelvic area dysfunctions than the physiotherapy. One of the most common myths is that pelvic health is just for women, men can suffer from incontinence, pelvic pain, and other issues too. Another myth is that pelvic health physiotherapists only treat incontinence. There are a large number of conditions that pelvic health physiotherapy can treat for both men and women.


LP:What are some truths regarding pelvic health physiotherapy?

KA: Pelvic health is not taboo. Your pelvic region contains muscles and connective tissue, and is a part of your body much like anything else. If you broke a bone or strained any other muscle, you would seek help for recovery. Why should your pelvic floor be treated any different? Pelvic health physiotherapists are there to provide the help you need get back to daily life without interruptions and discomfort.


LP: What are you looking forward to most about working in Leduc, and with the Leduc Physio team?

KA: It will be nice to experience a smaller city setting. In the past I have worked in Red Deer and really enjoyed working there, I have a feeling Leduc will have that same small-town feel. I haven’t been through Leduc a whole bunch, so I am excited to learn more about it! I’m excited to meet the whole Leduc Physio team. I am looking forward to a new setting and experience working in a diverse clinic. I am glad to hear Leduc Physio has longer appointment times for patients and is focused on client care.


If you have any questions regarding pelvic health physiotherapy feel free to send us an email. You can also book an appointment with Kailie HERE.