Neck & Back Pain; Stretch and Strengthen


If you have poor posture or sit at a desk most of the day, you may experience neck and/or back pain.

You are not alone; millions of Canadians suffer from chronic neck and back pain often triggered by routine activities such as working at a desk.  Leduc Physio wants to help you get back to normal with a few exercises, tips, and tricks for dealing with neck and back issues at the office.


By strengthening muscles in the affected areas, the muscles increase endurance which can lead to a pain free day at the office. Here are some of our favorites:

wall push up



Wall push ups; strengthen muscles across the chest, through the back and neck. *hands at shoulder height, keep body straight in plank position*



scapular wall slide


Scapular wall slide; strengthens muscles between the shoulders to correct posture and support neck.   *keep your bum, shoulders and back of hands on wall at all times*




neck retraction2



 Neck retractions; strengthen muscles at back of neck.
*Place hands at back of neck, push neck into hands (while tucking chin) and hold for 5 seconds, then relax and repeat*


  1. chair mountain climber


Mountain climbers on chair; strengthen muscles in back and neck while activating the core.  *Do not use a rolling chair! Got into a plank position using a chair under hands. Alternate raising knees towards shoulder.






Stretching tight and sore muscles may be the key to relieving some pain. These stretches can be done anywhere! *Hold stretches for at least 30 seconds, and do not push through any sharp pain*

upper trap stretch


Upper trapezius stretch; stretches back of neck and across upper shoulder  *hold base of chair, then tilt head towards opposite shoulder*



back of neck stretch


Stretch back of neck; stretches muscles along back of neck and between shoulders*place one hand on back of head and the other on the chin. Gently tuck chin (assist with hand) and apply pressure forwards/upwards on back of head simultaneously until stretch is felt*



doorway stretch

 Pectoralis stretch; stretches muscles through front of shoulders and chest*find a doorway, place palms on either side of door jamb with elbows facing down. Slowly walk or lean chest forward until stretch is felt*




front neck stretch


Stretch for front of neck; stretches muscles at front of neck*Place one hand over the other at base of neck, gently press down against collarbone as you tilt chin upwards*




Desk Posture

Adjust seat so feet are flat on floor, with knees level with or lower than the hips.Here are a few tips for preventing back and neck pain when sitting at a desk.

  • *You may need to place something under your feet to accomplish this*
  • Sit back in your seat so back rests against the chair.
  • Adjust armrests so that your shoulders are relaxed.
  • Raise monitor to achieve a straight gaze, rather than looking down at the monitor.

correct sitting



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