Recovery Room; NormaTec Recovery

Visit the Recovery Room at Leduc Physio! Our clinic offers the NormaTec System, which uses compressed air to massage your legs and feet. This increases lower limb circulation, mobilizes fluid buildup, decreases swelling, and speeds muscle recovery from injury or exertion. The system uses a massage pattern similar to the kneading and stroking done by a massage therapist and it keeps your legs feeling great!

If you haven’t used the NormaTec system before, you can book a 15 minute session for only $10.00 to try it out.
Want to use the NormaTec at the end of a physiotherapy appointment? YES! We can make that happen. Talk with our awesome front staff, or your physiotherapist at your next appt.

Call (780) 980-5443 today or book online HERE to make a Normatec appointment.

Recovery Room Pricing
1st-time session (15 min.)                       $10.00
Single session (30 min.)                          $20.00
5-session punch pass (30 min. ea.)       $85.00

Leduc Physio’s Recovery Room is happy to offer a 5-session punch card to use our NormaTec system, and it’s only $85.00!! This punch card gets you over 2 hours of massage for your legs.