Reflexology; Sole Therapy

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which applies gentle pressure to the feet or hands to stimulate energy pathways in the body.

Meet Stefanie!

Our newest team member, Stefanie Tetz, is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and Reflexologist.
Leduc Physio asked Stefanie to give us a quick lesson on everything reflexology.


My name is Stefanie Tetz, I’m a Registered Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.  I received my 2200 hour certification at M.H. Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Edmonton and my Reflexology certificate at Academy of Reflexology in Sherwood Park.
I just recently learned to ski and I love to go to Marmot Basin in Jasper with my kids.  Jasper has always been one of my favorite places to visit year round! I’m happy I get to enjoy it from the top of a mountain in the winter too.

What drew you to Massage Therapy and Reflexology?

I was a stay at home mom for 9 years with my two boys, and I knew when they were both in school I wanted to get back into the work force.  I started doing reflexology part time and I was really enjoying working in the environment.  I was very excited to have a meaningful career that left me and my clients feeling happy.  Massage was the obvious next step for me to further my career and continue to work in a field in which I can help people relax and rejuvenate physically and mentally.

What exactly is reflexology? How does it work?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that focuses on specific points on the feet. It works in a similar way to acupressure and acupuncture. There are certain points on the feet and hands that correspond to the organs and glands in the body. By pressing and massaging these points it can stimulate specific energy pathways in the body. If these energy pathways are blocked, reflexology works to unblock them, allowing the energy to flow freely again which aims to restore balance to the body.
If your reflexologist locates tender, sensitive, or crunchy sensations in the feet it indicates the corresponding area of your body is out of balance.
There is evidence of a form of foot and hand therapy being practiced as far back 2300 B.C. in both China and Egypt.

Who should try reflexology?

Reflexology treatments supports the systems of the body to find optimal balance and function. Anyone from infants to seniors can come for reflexology, it is a safe treatment which can be tailored to each person’s specific needs and problems.
The touch can vary from light as a feather (usually used for children and more sensitive clients) to deep and therapeutic. It is best to communicate your preference with your therapist during your appointment.
There are a number of situations which reflexology may not be used; first trimester of pregnancy and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are two of the most common.
Be sure to let your reflexologist know if you have any of the following conditions;
  • circulatory problems of the feet
  • inflammation or blood clots in the leg veins
  • gout
  • foot ulcers
  • fungal conditions of the feet such as athlete’s foot
  • thyroid problems
  • epilepsy
  • a low platelet count, which means you may bruise or bleed more easily


What to expect from a reflexology treatment?

When you arrive at Leduc Physio, our client care team will check you in at the front desk before your therapist greets you and takes you to the treatment room. You will be required to give a brief description of your health, lifestyle, and medical history to help develop a treatment plan.
It is an option to lay down or stay seated for your reflexology session. Some individuals may experience slight discomfort in certain points on the foot; it may feel crunchy, stiff, or tender.
You should leave your session feeling very relaxed! Some people describe feeling peaceful, light, and/or energized as well. 

Because most people feel relaxed after a treatment, you might feel a bit light headed. It can be normal for feet feel tender afterwards, for individuals to have an emotional response, or need to pass urine more often following treatment. Tell your reflexologist about any after effects that you have.

Reflexology may be used in conjunction with regular massage therapy techniques. Sessions can range anywhere from 30-90 minutes in length.



How can I book my reflexology treatment?

Reflexology appointments can be booked with Stefanie online HERE, or by phone (780) 980-5443 with our client care team.

A regular treatment for reflexology (alone) can be booked for 30 minutes. Massage therapy sessions can include reflexology techniques as well. These treatments can be booked for 60, or 90 minute sessions.
These appointments are booked as massage therapy treatments at Leduc Physio.
If you have more reflexology questions for Stefanie, please send them to her directly at
Just looking for massage therapy?
You can book a massage with any of our massage therapists online HERE.