Video Appointments at Leduc Physio

Video Physiotherapy Appointments; the newest addition to your care at Leduc Physio.

During this time of self-distancing, quarantines, and closures our team has found a solution to keep our clients living and moving their best; no matter the circumstance. Take that COVID-19!

Tell me more…

Leduc Physio will be offering physiotherapy via video conference appointments to stay connected with our clients. We will be using video conference appointments over our existing booking program; Jane.

Our physiotherapists; Tenielle MaGee, Jason MaGee, Kim Hillier, and Michelle MacKenzie will be available for booking HERE.

How do I book an appointment?

Go to to book an appointment.

There are 4 different appointment types to select

1. WCB  Video Physiotherapy Appointment (30 minutes)- Direct billed.
*WCB appointments are specifically for WCB clients who previously visited Leduc Physio, with an active claim.

3. MVA Video Physiotherapy Appointment (30 minutes)- Direct billed (Need to be pre-approved by your adjuster, email
*MVA appointments are specifically for MVA clients who previously visited Leduc Physio, with an active claim.

2.  15 Minute Video Physiotherapy Appointment- $20.00
Quick consultations are for clients who need a question answered or quick updates regarding their program.

3. 30 Minute Video Physiotherapy Appointment- $40.00
Full physiotherapy appointments are for clients who are looking for a full discussion and exercise program update with their physiotherapist.

Insurance providers have been modifying their policies to include tele-health or video appointments. Check your coverage to see if your video appointment could be covered by your benefits.
Payments will be accepted online with a credit-card at this time.

If you have questions about booking, or would like more information please email



Follow the steps below, or find more information HERE about how to get ready for your video appointment.

  1. Book your appointment at
  2. You will get an email confirmation of your appointment which include consent forms.
  3. Please fill out these forms and submit them online.
  4. On the date & time of your appointment sign in to your Jane account, and head to the “Upcoming Appointments” tab.
  5. Click the “Join Call” button on the day’s appointment. This will begin a video call in a separate window
    *Please note. You may have to adjust your pop-up permissions and camera permissions for video chat to work on your phone or computer.

During your appointment, you will be able to speak with your physiotherapist one-on-one and learn new exercise programming tools.

After your video appointment, you may be sent an exercise program to complete.












Thank you for your patience as we begin new ways to provide you with the best care.

If you would like to read more about the Alberta College of Physiotherapy guidelines regarding tele-health appointments, you can find more information HERE.