Welcome Nicole!

Introducing the newest physiotherapist joining the Leduc Physio team in September, Nicole Geier- MScPT, BScKin

We asked her a few questions so you can get to know her and book your appointment before her schedule is filled.
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What is your previous education, experience and certification(s)?
I have a Masters Science in Physical Therapy 2018, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 2015, and am also certified in Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling Level 1, Acupuncture Canada Anatomical Acupuncture Level 1, and Mulligans Mobilization with Movement Lower Quadrant.


What made you want to practice physiotherapy?
From a young age I have always enjoyed being physically active, physiotherapy gave me the opportunity to encourage others to lead active lifestyles and support others by helping them achieve their goals and work towards reducing their pain. Physiotherapy is a caring profession, my parents instilled in me the value of caring for other people and animals alike and it is one way for the caring side of my personality to come to light.


What are you passionate about as a physiotherapist?
I am passionate about helping patients from all walks of life return to activity. It is my goal to ensure patients feel their concerns are heard and together with the patient provide the treatment and give them the tools to succeed in their recovery.


What are you most excited for at Leduc Physio?
I am most excited the prospect of having more time to dedicate to my patients with increased treatment and assessment times. I look forward to starting a new adventure, getting to know and work with a supportive and talented team of professionals!
Going to work with my best friend is also a definite bonus! (She’s talking about Michelle MacKenzie)


What you like to do when you aren’t at work?
I grew up in rural Alberta and enjoy spending most of my time outside of the city limits (can’t take the country out of the girl) Outside of work I enjoy horseback riding, running, hiking, alpine skiing, soccer, spending time with my family, cuddling my animals and travelling.


What is your ultimate conversation-starting topic?


Do you have a favorite quote/motivational saying?
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu