Whip It! All about whiplash and how physiotherapy can help.

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As August rounds the corner, families attempt to fill their summer weekends with a variety of outdoor activities, sports and road trips. The increased traffic and numerous summer activities are opportunity for injuries to occur. Maybe your family has experienced a few strains, sprains or broken bones in the past.  For these injuries it is common knowledge that a physiotherapist can help you get back to normal. Did you know they can also help with injuries to the head and neck?

Head and neck injuries are often overlooked as a treatable by a physiotherapist. But if the pain spreads to your shoulders and/or arms; if it becomes painful and difficult to move your head; if you experience numbness, tingling or weakness; or if the pain is severe and interfering with everyday life, you should seek help from your physician or a physiotherapist right away.These symptoms indicate a whiplash injury which can happen from activities such as:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Contact sports (hockey, rugby, boxing, karate, football)
  • Roller-coasters and amusement park rides
  • A horse-back riding or cycling accident
  • Any fall which causes the head to jolt backwards or forwards suddenly
  • Direct impact of large or heavy object on head

Whiplash is actually the spraining of your neck’s soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles, discs, and small joints) and can occur in car accidents, sporting activities and accidental falls. The amount of pain and stiffness varies between people and the type of injury. Turning your head or looking up (e.g., driving, working at a computer) can all be painful and restricted. (Physiotherapy Alberta)

A physiotherapist can help you recover by providing:

  • Specific exercises to reduce pain, restore mobility and strength
  • Manual therapy treatments to reduce pain, restore mobility
  • Modalities (e.g., acupuncture, electrical simulation, heat, cold) for temporary pain relief
  • Rehabilitation program to safely prepare you for return to normal activity, sport or work.

All of our physiotherapists at Leduc Physio are trained to treat whiplash associated injuries. Give us a call or book with us online!

Play safe this summer, enjoy the sun and take care if you do have an accident!